Buckshine A product of R.E.P. Lures and Guides 

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A couple tablespoons of Buckshine on a log, stump, rock or ground is all you need. Use alone or in combination with an existing bait.
The powerful concentrated aroma travels on the slightest breeze and one jar will last the entire season.

A business which started in a small garage back in 1989, now has a following of countless hunters and wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Still the same small shop, kept simple so quality always comes 1st.

 D.B.Young has been featured on numerous radio and television shows or documentaries about the outdoors or his research with wildlife.

 Even organizations dealing in Cryptids, have called on his expert outdoor knowledge to consult their researchers in tracking or animal behaviors.

Just a couple words from D.B.Young himself about his special Buckshine formula.


Although I am the co-owner of a deep woods bog wildlife preserve, I do not hunt nor permit hunting on these protected acres.
Instead the preserve is used for animal research and behavioral observations.
My hunting is mainly done on public land, and high pressure from other hunters is very common.
However, below you will see a few of the many fine examples I have harvested myself with the use of Buckshine on hunter pressured public lands.

Even the most wary animals can't resist Buckshine!

D.B.Young or R.E.PLures are not liable for any damages and or injuries sustained from the use of the product Buckshine.


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