Buckshine A product of R.E.P. Lures and Guides 

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Shown here afield, is D.B.Young himself inspecting a beaver dam as a possible crossing point to collect important plants for his special blend of Buckshine animal attractant formula.

D.B.Young has dedicated his life to understanding wild animals and their unique individual habitational needs.
Spending on average 60 to 80 hours per week, 365 days per year afield studying wild animal behavior up close, it is no wonder why many refer to him as anti social.

He prefers the forest wildlife over human population, and this of course has made him an authority on animalistic survival with hidden knowledge found afield to attract animals up close, using their own basic instinct and needs.

R.E.P.Lures is a five star guide service for hunting, fishing, camping and adventures.
Owner, guide, survivalist and wildlife specialist D.B.Young has been instructed since 1969 as a Verde Brujo healer and Native American Mide Shaman.

During his training he was taught the secrets held within certain sacred plants and herbs to attract wild game animals up close.

These secret plants and herbs have been used by Native hunters for thousands of years.
Now you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful formula.

This accumulation of forest herb blends with Native American knowledge of secret wild plants, comes together in Buckshine, an effective, powerful, all natural animal attractant formula.