Buckshine A product of R.E.P. Lures and Guides 

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Bill from Idaho writes =
Bought a jar of this shine mixture, and my first time out I had a wide four by four muley sniffing around the shine site. The next evening my brother Carl dropped a handsome four by five pawing at the ground where the shine was poured, it was his first buck.


Steve W. from Michigan =
I've used so many scents for cover and attraction it is mind boggling. I have had minimal success with other products, many of which name brands. I was near giving up on these companies and their claims, when a friend at work turned me on to a half full jar of his juice called Buckshine.
Well I'm not giving away my hunting location, but I will say since that introduction, my success has increased substantially, with each year a braggable whitetail buck harvested. Thank you R.E.P. Lures for a fine shine


Mitch D. from Wisconsin =
Can't say I put much trust in piss products for rut, or baiting in general. I broke down last year after having a poor couple seasons, and bought a jar of Buckshine.
The stuff actually worked! Only used about a quarter jar and had some very impressive swamp black bears rubbing and licking the stump frantically. I got some nice trail cam pictures and a 400 pound wall trophy.


James from Tennessee =
These hogs are a real problem rooting around the crops, but when I go out during the season they are no where to be found. That is until I found Buckshine and poured it on my bait pile. Those hogs got a hole three foot deep and eight foot around dug, powerful stuff!!
Made for a freezer full of meat.


Chase from Ontario Canada =
Once the hunting pressure starts, those bruins head deep and are a real pain in the ass to coax. I ordered a mason jar of this Wisconsin mans product and in no time I had several bruins fighting with each other just to get their turn in the bait tire.
I am a regular customer now and forever, a fine animal drawing product! My two thumbs up!


Jane P. from British Columbia =
I am a wildlife photographer and research investigator for an organization dedicated to the documentation of unknown species across the United States and Canada.
I was first introduced to D.B.Young in 2006, and his knowledge of the wild outdoors really impressed me and my crew.
I purchased a sample jar of his secret formula called Buckshine, so I could lure animals up close for spectacular photographic opportunities.
What my crew and I found out was that this liquid did not only attract a number of animals up close for my photographing pleasure during day lite hours, but at night it had drawn in something large of an unexplained cryptid type.
Since then we use Mr. Young's Buckshine formula regularly on all our outdoor expeditions with continued success.

Please tell us about your own success story using our Buckshine animal attractant.

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Personal note from D.B.Young about his own Buckshine formula =

I use Buckshine myself while hunting and encourage clients to use it while under my guidance afield or on their own.
It has an almost magical ability to pull in all sorts of critters big and small, some I must admit are of a mysterious nature and remain elusive, but can't resist the formulas attractive scent.
Its simple really, the ingredients are natural and most all wild animals recognize the aroma as a combination of important food sources.

I hope you find my product effective for your hunting or wildlife surveillance activities. But remember to be safe out there, no tellin what this high powered formula will bring in.